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Fishing Report for May 17 2017

2017 is shaping up to be an amazing fishing season. The forecast from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans is very promising. The experts are predicting a banner return of Chinook salmon. Especially exciting is the fact that the return of 5 year fish in 2012 was off the charts, many of those fish were much bigger than normal, some up to 65lbs. So h ere we are in 2017 and the offspring from that run will be returning to their home rivers, this should provide us large numbers of big fish. The fishing in our local area is heating up with the weather. Our first few charters of the season were very successful. We filled the boat and caught our limit of chinook this past weekend. With our largest fish tipping the scales at 25 lbs., Lingcod seem to be in abundance lately and even Halibut are being harvested right in front of town. The best part is, fishing is only going to get better, as June is traditionally a very productive month for salmon fishing, and we are all quite excited about what 2017 has in store. Come join us for your adventure of a lifetime.

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Campbell River Salmon Fishing 


Captains Log:  July 7th ,2016

The Summer fishing season is in full swing in Campbell River.

The annual migration of Chinook salmon is well underway and those of

us who are lucky enough to get out on the water are reaping the benefits.

With The number and size of the fish are increasing every day,

it looks like we are in for another amazing year.

The springs are feeding on extra large herring right now so we are trying to match the bait,

6in plugs and spoons have been the most popular lures this week.

Come join us for a day of fishing and adventure, let us take you on a trip of a lifetime!!!

Captain Scott

Captains Log May 8,2016

The team here at Full Scale Fishing Adventures have been quite busy getting

everything ready for the upcoming season. Fortunately we have made time for a

little fun along the way. We have witnessed an amazing start to the 2016 season.

Winter Spring fishing was absolutely incredible, December through to March saw

easy limits of beautiful springs up to 15 lbs. The fishing hasn’t slowed down at all

during April and the beginning of May. The Bute Inlet Chinook run is in full swing

right now. Those willing to take the boat ride to the east side of Discovery Passage,

have been handsomely rewarded, these early season fish are bright and solid, and

quite energetic on the hook. Salmon, maybe our primary target, but the ground

fishery is heating up as well. As of May 1 we can keep ling cod, and the halibut are

starting to show up in larger numbers. If the last few weeks are any indication of the

season to come, we are in for a banner year. Come join us on Full Scale Fishing


Captain Scott