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Campbell River Fishing Charters

Campbell River British Columbia Canada, is Known as the Salmon Fishing Capital Of The World. Furthermore, eco-adventures along with  world renowned salmon fishing Campbell River Fishing Charters are a great way to fill your bucket list.

Grady White Boat in Ocean
Guided Salmon Fishing Charters, Campbell River BC Canada

Located on the “Inside Passage” these protected waters offer ideal marine conditions. For example fishing is usually done within sight of land. With the many experienced guides in the area Campbell River Fishing Charters are among the very best and knowledgeable  in the business . Also with this knowledge and experience many charters enjoy year round fishing .

With the location on the migration route of all 5 species of Pacific Salmon, Campbell River offers a consistent fishery for Chinook , Coho, Chum, Pink and Sockeye.

Campbell River BC Guided Salmon Fishing Charters
Fish with experience Full Scale Fishing Adventures Campbell River BC

Campbell River Fishing Charters

are available from an hourly rate to fully guided daily or weekly trip.

Campbell River offers a large choice when it comes to accommodations . For instance RV Parks and Campgrounds , Bed and Breakfast, Hotels to luxury resorts there are plenty choices to suit any angler.

Fishing is not the only reason to choose Campbell River Fishing Charters  Many offer Eco Adventures , from Sight Seeing , Whale watching to Wildlife Viewing.

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and chance apron Orcas, Pacific Porpoise, Grizzly Bears , Sea Lions to Seals , Eagles to Humpback Whales.

Campbell River Fishing Charters
Photo of the Day , Sea Lions in Campbell River BC Canada

Tyee Club

Created in 1924 , the Tyee Club is a legend among anglers worldwide .It is open to any anglers who want to test their skill at sport fishing. Using a rowboat, single barbless hook, and relatively lightweight line, an angler must set the hook and single handily bring the Chinook to the boat.   Anglers who catch a Tyee over 30 lbs.  become members of the Tyee Club of British Columbia.

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