Campbell River Guided Salmon Fishing Charters

 Retention of Spring Salmon is now on and fishing is HOT ! 


Best Campbell River Salmon Fishing Charters 2017
We are excited to have you be a part of our Full Scale Fishing Family ! Come for the fishing and stay for the adventure ! Taking bookings into August now. 




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Campbell River Salmon Fishing Charters
We had an amazing day, started off with the most orange/red sun rise, and humpback whales on the way up to the fishing grounds, super busy, 1st hour, we caught 1 pink, 2 springs, 1 coho and lost 2 as well, moved on and caught 1 spring, the fishing slowed, and we found out why as 50 orcas came around the point and gave the fleet quite the show as they jumped and splashed around, I haven’t seen a pod of orcas that big forever, so we watched for s while and moved to another location and hooked a freight train, after Mike kissed his bruised knuckles we landed the first Tyee of the season, bang on 30 lbs. We saw porpoises, pacific white sided dolphins, sea lions, humpbacks and orcas – Scott 



From all of us at Full Scale, we want to extend a big thank you to Bobby Siemens and Brad  Loewen,

for spending the weekend fishing with us. You guys were a lot of fun,

we had a lot of laughs and we hope you enjoy your 7 spring salmon, 4 ling cod and 4 crab??

We hope to see you again soon.





 The Owners Get A Little Fishing Time Of Their Own

Full Scale Fishing Adventures owners Debra and Rico Rogers head out on their own adventure .

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Campbell River Salmon Fishing Charters ! 

At Full Scale Fishing Adventures we are dedicated to creating lasting memories for all of our guests.We are a Campbell River Guided Salmon Fishing Charters company. Our knowledgeable, experienced guide will take you into one of the most scenic and celebrated fishing areas in the world. Campbell River is known as the Salmon Fishing Capital of the World for good reason! Our calm, protected waterway is the main migration route for all five species of pacific salmon. During the year, chinook, coho, sockeye, pink, and chum salmon all swim and feed in the area.


People Holding Up Salmon
Campbell River Salmon Fishing Charters


Campbell River guided Salmon Fishing Charters

While out on the water you will share evergreen shores and sparkling seas with bald eagles, seals, sea lions, and even the occasional pod of dolphins or killer whales. Donโ€™t worry though, there are plenty of fish to go around; and your guide, , knows where to find them.

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Salmon Fishing Charters





 Full Scale Fishing Adventures uses the best gear around to make your trip comfortable, safe, and productive. Our 25 foot Grady White boat  is fully licensed, insured, and Transport Canada certified, with private bathroom facilities, and all the gear you will need. You will fish in comfort with our top-of-the line equipment including high-end rods and Islander reels.



So choose this Campbell River Guided Salmon Fishing Charters company and check out Check out “Our Fishing Adventures”  and make your dreams come true.

Campbell River Salmon Fishing 

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